A Message from Waste Management

In an effort to continue to keep your neighborhood safe and clean, we are asking for your help in eliminating extra bags outside of your cart. Bags outside your cart are vulnerable to the weather (particularly wind) and pests (birds, rodents, and feral animals). If not securely closed, they can lead to litter on your street and in your yard. Litter can pose health and safety concerns for your pet and Waste Management driver depending on the waste that escapes from bags or open boxes, and reduces your neighborhood's visual curb appeal.

Effective 1/1/2022 we will no longer be collecting trash or recycle items outside of Waste Management provided wheeled carts. This includes current open top recycle bins that some residents may still be using, non-Waste Management trash or recycle carts, bagged trash, loose trash, yard waste, and boxes. We are shifting from the previous “extra bag service” by providing you with a second 96-gallon trash and/or recycling cart at no additional cost. That means you can have  up to (2) Waste Management trash carts and (2) Waste Management recycle carts at your same current service rate. Using a wheeled, lidded cart will make it easier to move extra waste to the curb on collection day and contribute to a cleaner community for all. Please note that the lids of all trash and recycle carts must be fully closed, facing out to the street. They will not be emptied if items protrude from the top such that the lid is not closed.  That means you should break down all items to fit appropriately within the cart – if stuffed too tightly, the contents may not empty fully when retrieved and dumped by the truck’s automated arms.  Each cart must be 2 feet from each other to allow for the truck arms to reach and lift unencumbered.

Allowing for fully automated collection also protects your driver’s safety. By relying on the truck’s hydraulic arm to lift and empty carts, the driver avoids exiting the vehicle and manually lifting bags of varying weight and unknown contents. In addition, this improves our operational efficiency, ensuring we can service the community reliably.

You can request a second trash cart and/or a second recycling cart — at no additional cost — by emailing Waste Management Customer Service team at . Email is available for homeowners currently through 12/31/2021. If you need additional carts (beyond two trash and two recycling), you can order more for just $5.00 monthly billed to the homeowner. If you need to request a cart after the email timeframe, please call us at (303) 797-1600.

When emailing our Customer Service for an additional cart, please include the following information:
  • Name of HOA community
  • First and Last Name
  • Contact Number
  • Email Address
  • Do you need a Delivery, Swap or Additional Cart?
  • What Size Cart You Need

Our Customer Service team at  looks forward to hearing from you.