Design Review Committee

VOFP Master Board and Design Review Committee Update-

It’s that time of year for Spring and Home improvements.  

Before you start your landscaping or exterior home improvements please keep in mind some types of changes may require a Design Review Form be completed and approved by the Village of Five Parks Design Review Committee (DRC)  before you start your project.  

The Village of Five Parks Design Guidelines (see TownSQ under documents) outlines requirements for the community.

Approval from the Design Review committee (DRC) is required on certain changes before you can begin a project. The VOFP Design Guidelines and DRC form (revised March 2023) are available on TownSq under documents section.

When making a change to your home or exterior such as new paint, decks, patios, landscaping, windows, roof etc.  It is important to review the VOFP Design Guidelines first before submitting the DRC request.  This document will provide information on what is allowed by sub division (Master, Haskin, Triple Crown, Cottage, Heritage). In some cases, the sub association is responsible for the exterior paint, roof etc.  

Things to keep in mind when submitting the DRC:

  • You must have an approved DRC form before starting your project.  DRC committee has 60 days from submission to review and respond.
  • To not delay the DRC request,  please provide as much detail as possible to give the committee the full picture of the change.  Include pictures, measurements, diagrams etc.
  • Submit current photos of what you are changing/replacing (exterior paint colors, windows, roof, trees, patio, deck, doors) and a picture/diagram of what the change will look like.

These are a few examples:

  • Exterior painting- Refer to the VOFP approved paint book located in the depot and available on TownSQ, under documents. If changing paint colors on home provide picture your home, neighbor home on each side and across the street.  DRC will only accept colors selected from the approved paint list. Fence and mailbox post approved stain/colors also on TownSQ
  • Windows: provide pictures of existing windows and example new windows/window company name. If changing size/type of window provide details on size, what is changing, window type, window pane. Keep in mind major changes to window size/type, removal or addition must be approved by DRC and/or may not be approved.
  • Landscaping- Note if you are replacing dead plants/trees, note name of plant/tree replacing or if complete landscaping changes provide diagram/company.  City of Arvada website has approved of trees/plants which are drought resistant and grow well in Colorado soil.
  • Roof-provide photo of existing roof, new proposed roof tile type/color
  • Doors-refer to Guidelines, provide door type, color, size with pictures
  • Solar-provide photos of panel, diagram, panel type, company on DRC request. Refer to the guidelines for what is allowed.
  • Refer to the VOFP Design Guidelines on any other changes.   Keep in mind they can vary by sub division and type of home (condo, townhouse, patio, single family).

The Design Review Committee works to approve requests as quickly as possible so not to delay your project.  Providing as much detail on the DRC form and via attachments of   pictures, plans, diagrams helps to speed that process along.

If you have any questions or need assistance please contact the Depot for assistance or:

Desiree Snyder

Community Manager