Garden Club

This year we had 9 volunteers, 2 of whom were new members. Our volunteers contributed many loving hours trimming, feeding and occasionally watering to keep these beauties vibrant.

We all think the flowers have been spectacular, the best ever, as we say every year. (But this year it might be true.)

Also our thanks to Steve Fox, Curt and his crew at Brightview. We had no sprinkling system problems.

“Like the seeds underneath the snow your heart dreams of spring.”

— Khailil Gibran

The garden club is eager to smell the moist soil, see the crocus we planted peek from the dirt and plan the colors and plant varieties we will choose for the pots. We are all dreaming about May and planting day.

Five years ago a community minded current garden club member noted the pots at The Depot were looking dry and nearly dead. With the support of the Village of Five Parks Master Board volunteers formed a club to plant and to tend the flowers in the Garden of Joy and 8 pots in the plaza between The Depot and Lot 1 . It seemed simple. Provide good soil, buy and plant beautiful flowers, water them, fertilize them and remove the spent flowers. And then came the late spring frost and we had to cover our new babies, or the sprinkling system failed and we had to haul water from Lot 1 or the Depot or there was an infestation of caterpillars to pick off by hand. But these volunteers are amazing! They do all the above and they check the plants daily. They enlist their spouses to help with heavy work. They shop for bargains and found plants during covid when plants were scarce. Their volunteer effort saves the association hundreds of  dollars compared to the commercial landscape company we used in the past and the plants are much more vibrant and productive.

We each started with dirt under our nails…the rest is history. Please consider joining us. We have lots of fun together and find great satisfaction in the beauty we create and share. You do not need to be an experienced gardener. Each year novices join us. We love teaching others our simple skills.

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